Don’t want to use dumbbells and rods but still wish for good muscles? Check these 5 interesting ways.


    Are you interested in building up your muscles but not in a mood to go to the gym? So what’s the big deal? Just follow some simple steps in your everyday routine and stick with them religiously!!


    Begin with some jogging to warm up and then follow them:

    1. Squats- keep your both legs apart up to shoulder width. Straighten up your back and push your butts out and act like you are sitting on a chair. In fact, you can keep a chair under your buttocks and rise again once you touch them. This is one of the best exercises ever to build your thigh muscles and tight buttocks.
    2. Pull-ups on the bar- find a hanging bar in a park. Hold the bar more than shoulder width, hang like a dead and pull yourself up. This will take a lot of strength but once you are able to do it, you can increase your core strength. It will also build your arms muscles with beautiful muscle cuts.
    3. Push-ups- an exercise that is just suitable for arms, chest, biceps and triceps. This is called as one single exercise that can impact many parts at the same time. Make sure your posture is right. Keep your hands apart on the floor, and your feet joined at the back, push yourself down and bring up.
    4. Bench dips- look for a park bench around or even a flat table at your home. Face away from it and hold it from the back in reverse hand position. Sit down and bring up your body to the height of the bench. It is the best way to remove fat from your triceps and give smart muscle development.
    5. Abs- we are adding this into your routine workout so as to shed out the excess weight from abs and bring beautiful packs from chest to navel.



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