5 ways to teach your toddler basic intellects!!!!


    We all are aware of the fact that toddlers’ minds are like a wet clay which can be molded into any shape we desire. Whatever he is going to see, look at us doing, eating, talking will follow soon in no time. In fact, we expect him to call ‘mummy’ first because he is spending most of his time with her after birth.

    We agree It is not that easy to handle and develop their intellects but it is still the most beautiful thing on this Earth to see them developing their minds and the sharpness hidden in them.

    We are just telling you a few points to keep in mind if you have a toddler around you!

    5Pin the pictures on the wall:

    The photos of most close relatives, friends that he should remember and know while growing up can be pinned up somewhere on the wall where he can notice it once in a day. This will improve his remembering capacity and curiousness towards knowing more about them.




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