10 Things You Do That Can Give You Cancer


    10 Things You Do That Can Give You Cancer

    We all without exception fear the word ‘’Cancer’’! This horrible disease is the number one disease killer in the world. In fact, 8.2 million people are dying every year from it and still, scientists couldn’t yet figure out the true factors and causes that lead to its development.

    However, thanks to studies and researches, scientists were able to determine some major factors that can increase the risk of getting cancer. Surprisingly, some of these risk factors are everyday items and even habits!

    To stay safe and sound and lower your risks of developing this disease, you need to be ready to bring some changes in your diet and lifestyle! Here are 10 things that you do on a daily basis that you may not have known were carcinogenic.


    Post-Work Cocktails

    Most people would love to spend the rest of the day with friends sipping cocktails in the bar. It’s really good to have fun and we are definitely not saying that you shouldn’t! But drinking alcohol excessively can cause more harm than good.

    According to the Information From Cancer Research Uk, alcohol can cause genetic damage and lead to an increased risk of developing 7 different types of cancer, including breast and bowel cance



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