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10 Best Couch-Surfing Champions

Not everyone wants or needs a jogging partner. Some of us are looking for a dog after our own hearts, one who will prefer—or at least be content—to watch a few marathon episodes of Friends. The breeds in this article excel at the complex and intellectual art of couchsurfing. A few of them are versatile enough to accompany you for long walks if you insist.Keep in mind that puppies of all breeds are boisterous and require energy outlets. If you wish to skip this stage, consider adopting a needy adult dog of the breed or mix you prefer. And by the way, all dogs sleep more than human beings. Let that be a comfort to you.


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The Bulldog is the ultimate couch potato. He rather has to be because his bandy legs and pushed-in muzzle do not equip him for anything requiring much effort, although the snores (and gas) he produces are amazing enough. His job is to sit beside you and comment on the production values of whatever you’re watching. The Bulldog gets along with everyone in the family; it’s too much effort not to do so. Favorite TV genre: classic movie reruns.



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