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10 Apartment-Friendly Dogs


Choosing the right furry roommate for your apartment or condo can be tough, especially if you need to meet weight, breed, or even temperament restrictions. Even if your apartment is 100 percent dog friendly, there are six main qualities you should consider when choosing an apartment pup:

1Basset Hound

Maxing out at about 60 pounds, this easygoing low rider is the perfect family pet—he’s great with children because he’s good natured and not easily annoyed. He won’t be shy around new people or pets either, giving him extra points for adaptability. Bassets don’t have very many flaws, as long as you (and your neighbors) don’t mind some barking every now and then. He can be stubborn but is generally quick to learn and eager to please. You can always count on this long-eared, stocky hound being calm, cool, and collected.



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